Bolo Young


Hybrid Training

Monthly Packages: Starting at $349

Hybrid Training system created for the average working person, hybrid training style provides the opportunity to work with a coach in person 1-3 days throughout the week but have a program on personal days to follow and continue progress to achieve your goals. This includes Genetic based program design, nutrition, daily workouts routine with instructions and video demonstrations. Log nutrition as well as workouts regularly to stay accountable but also track progress. Upload progress photos and track measurements as well for progress tracking because the scale don't tell us everything.

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Monthly Rate: at $50

NEW ðŸš¨ Membership subscription services provide over 50+ Exercises per month for fat loss, muscle building and strength gain, accountability and support through group chat, nutritional advice, grocery list as well. We provide a full support community and environment to help you achieve your goals while help give additional motivation to share your journey with like minded individuals. Join our community TODAY!

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Online Coaching

Monthly Rates: Starting at $479

Online Coaching is created for those in need of structure training plan, accountability, support, motivation, progress tracking.  


- Genetic based program design.                                                                                                                                                                - Customized workout plan 
- Customized Nutrition plan and coaching
- Grocery shopping list
- Workouts based around schedule
- 24/7 support team
- weekly or biweekly check-ins
- progress tracking (measurements for improvement & more)

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